The products made by craftsmanship, which are not influenced by the time and the world.

Our company, Thai Usui Co., Ltd., was established in August 1990 at Hi-tech Industrial Estate located on the outskirt of Bangkok, with the objective to produce precision plastic  products.

Since the inception, we hold strong belief in infinite technology, which can bring about maximum practical use of engineering plastic products.

With constant technology improvement, we have accumulated injection and mold technology while supplying precision parts around the world.

In the future, we will put more effort and will continue study in order to prepare for industrial globalization and to create production system which can enhance customer satisfaction.  Along with the coorporation with clients, we aim be recognized organization by the society.

  1. Aim to be unique enterprise through independent thinking and action
  2. Self-improve professionally and serve the society
  3. Become successful  through mutual effort and coorporation